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In 2004, Apple used the QuickTime File Format to develop the M4A file format, which stands for part 14 of the MPEG-4. Billions of files in the iTunes store across the globe are powered in the M4A file format. It is possible to save MP4 and M4A files from part 14 of MPEG-4. (But  MP4 can store video). In comparison to the lossy MP3 files, M4A files are still an upgrade since they can become lossless. There is no need to worry about the initial audio file or file size while converting files from one format to another. DRM-protected MP4 files can't be copied, whereas the M4A format is far more easily shared and copied. Because of this, customers can download audio files from the Apple store and then burn them to CDs or transfer them to portable music players. Windows files can be hard to work with if you're using an Apple computer exclusively. Windows iTunes, however, allows it, while also doing file conversion to a compatible Windows audio file format. The following applications can open M4A files, but, it's not the entire list: VideoLan VLC Media Player, Microsoft Windows Media Player, Apple iTunes and Apple QuickTime Player.