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    People storing audio files on computers often are unaware of how these files are formed and what their purpose is. While you might find some partial answers online, these usually lack substance. This article will discuss M4A audio file and how you can open them on both a Windows and Mac system. M4A is an audio-only format based on MPEG-4 container with either AAC encoding (lossy) or Apple Lossless encoded, making it popularly used to store downloaded music files from iTunes as well as podcasts and audiobooks. M4A files differ from more prevalent MP3s by not employing DRM protection and can therefore be freely streamed or distributed, yet may lead to reduced audio quality when compared with WAV versions of identical tracks. M4A files may be supported by most apps and devices, yet are less universally compatible than their MP3 counterparts due to Apple Inc's design of M4A specifically for iTunes, iPods, etc. If you plan on playing M4A files outside of iTunes it would be wiser to convert them to the more accessible MP3 format using free online converters such as Evano or Free Convert. You could also convert them directly using iTunes by selecting all M4A files then clicking File> Create MP3 Version option.

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