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The IRCAM institute in Paris, France, invented the Sound file format used by IRCAM audio files. Audio samples are the primary use of this storage device. It is common to save IRCAM files as .sf files. IRCAM means Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique, a system that came about during the 1980s in France. Berkeley also created a distribution software referred to as BSD and it's a Unix-based platform created by the Berkely campus of the University of California. Csound is a music processing system that works on BSD. The BSD operating system audio applications were used by university research centers to generate musical recordings and save them. Because the .sf file extension is more commonly used for IRCAM audio files, you may encounter an IRCAM file from time to time. Audacity, the open-source sound editor for Linux, macOS, and Windows, can decode IRCAM files. It is possible to access an IRCAM audio file through the use of a media player like VLC Media Player or Microsoft Windows Media Player or after it has been transformed with FFmpeg (multiplatform).