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Nero by Nero is the most common owner of IMA files. Disk image files are typically related with IMA files. FAT12 floppy disk images developed by Microsoft DOS were the first files with this extension; it is currently used for a variety of bootable and sector-by-sector disk image formats. Mounted images are faster to access than duplicated data, making them ideal for making data backups. The disk image saved in IMA files contains raw as well as unformatted binary information that may be loaded quickly by MagicISO and EZB Systems UltraISO among others. Computers can read mounted data thanks to disk utility tools. There are IMA files that store data in the same sequence as on the CD. Disk utility programs like WinImage, which read, write, and edit disk images, generally create these IMA files. To open an IMA file, you'll need a program such as Nero. A Windows message Windows cannot open this file or How do you wish to open this file? or a related Android/iPhone/Mac alert will appear if you don't have the required software. You can try right-clicking or long-pressing the IMA file to open it if you can't. In order to open the file in another program, select Open with from the File menu. You can also open an IMA file in a browser and view it.