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    HCOM is an obsolete mono sound format with Huffman compression used on Macintosh platforms, although no longer in widespread use and may soon become unsupported altogether. Uncompressed audio consists of real sound waves captured and converted directly into digital format without any additional processing, with no changes made after capture or conversion to provide maximum accuracy and quality, but they have the largest file sizes (around 34MB per minute for 24-bit 96KHz stereo). Common uncompressed formats include PCM (which works similarly to CDs) and PCM24 which uses PCM samples at linear intervals. Uncompressed file formats that can be found online include WAV and AIFF. While WAV was originally developed by Microsoft and IBM for general-purpose files, AIFF first gained popularity on Mac computers before spreading across all operating systems as a file format based on RIFF (Resource Interchange File Format). Both formats support very high sample rates and bit depths without timestamp storage capabilities making them unsuitable for editing or mixing tasks.

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