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    GSM audio files are an archival format commonly used by cellular phones for recording vocal audio data during calls. Intended to serve telephony throughout Europe, GSM offers an ideal balance between file size and quality; its use includes various voice codecs that compress 3.1kHz audio down to less than 10 kbit/s. When opening and operating a GSM file on your computer, special software must be installed for its proper usage. Without proper software installed on your system, a Windows message stating: "How would you like to open this file?" or an alert on Mac/iPhone/Android that states: This file is incompatible with my device/software will appear instead. Your ConvertFree GSM to MP3 converter makes the conversion of GSM files into MP3 files simple, fast and safe - simply drag-and-drop your GSM file onto the Convert button for instant results!. After you convert your GSM file to MP3, you can play it on virtually any video player and save it onto desktop or mobile devices - sharing its link with others as a download link is also possible. If you wish to trim GSM audio files, click on "Trim" then set its start/end time, enabling you to choose what portions of audio are kept while eliminating unwanted parts.

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