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When using a GSM file, what you are doing is getting a file extension for the audio files that you have already stored on your mobile device or computer. For the most part, people tend to use GSM files when they are putting audio onto a cell phone. The other thing to know about the GSM file is that they were usually created to be used in the European market. There are some that are outside of Europe who may also use these files, but for the most part it is done in Europe. In GSM file can be compressed or uncompressed in order to control the size of the file that you are listening to. Some files are rather large and it becomes a lot easier to use a GSM file to reduce the size in order to be able to hear the audio without taking up too much space on your particular devices. You will be shocked by how much value you can gain from using GSM file. Once you have given it a try. There are many people out there right now who are using these types of files to help themselves get the kind of audio that they require.