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    An audio file is composed of samples representing sounds. These samples may be stored on a rotating disk 15 or transmitted over an Internet 302 connection from remote computer 10. Music player programs use metadata to play back files according to user preference - for instance, sample encoding/sampling rate information as well as musical instrument/element information can all be included here. Self-describing formats typically define a family of data encoding variants and provide a header identifying which particular variant was used, while headerless formats simply store device parameters and sample data without providing any header details. FSSD is a self-descripting format designed for use with early Macintosh sound digitizers. It stores 8-bit samples in its data fork and can be compressed using Huffman compression algorithm. Filename extension of an FSSD file is snd, though no sounds with that name appear in filename or header; Sound Manager 3.0 or later must be installed to play them back for optimal use it's recommended reading Inside Macintosh VI and/or Inside Macintosh: Sound before using FSSD files!. EPOC 32 (Psion Series 5): This format is unique to EPOC 32 operating system that runs Psion Series 5 palmtops, and supports both uncompressed and compressed audio data, as well as different sampling rates than 8000-Hz used by Series 3. Furthermore, it stores data using little-endian byte order - something not supported by Intel processors.

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