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    The DVM file extension is most often associated with software designed for Windows platforms, although any program could potentially access these files with their respective OS platforms. There's no guarantee every program will open them correctly however. DVM stands for Continuously Variable Slope Delta modulation and is a headerless format often used for speech compression (such as voice mail). Samples encoded using CVSD but with their bit order reversed is encoded using DVM; some formats such as VB-MSP allow control of loop points. Furthermore, sometimes using "bit reversed" samples with DVM also exists and this feature may be enabled via using the -X format option to specify which bits should be ignored. Microsoft's Video for Windows technology creates files known as AV (audio video) Interleaved files that combine both audio and video data into one container for playback in sync. Audio data in such files is typically encoded with MPEG, although SoX can decode other encodings such as LPCM and ADPCM by overriding file type using either of its -r or -c options. SoX supports the IRCAM SDIF (Institute of Research in Coordination Acoustique/Musicique Sound Description Interchange Format), used by academic music software like the CSound package and MixView. This little-endian file format is supported along with big-endian variants RIFF and CAF; soX also offers support for this file type as well as other formats including AVI format and 8SVX musical instrument description format which contains multiple audio/image chunks; this allows it to deduce their audio encoding by matching device names/reading information contained within WAVEFORMATEX structure's wFormatTag field.

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