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    The CVU file format is considered obsolete, often being associated with system files of older operating systems or other software that have since been replaced by more modern versions. Furthermore, its use may contain proprietary information specific to a software package which cannot be converted to more widely accepted formats. SoX can read AIFF (Multimedia Archive) files as used by Apple Macs, the Apple IIc/IIg and SGI; these contain multiple audio and picture chunks; however it cannot write them; please visit the AIFF page for more information. It can also read and write RIFF (Representation Interchange Format) files used by Microsoft Windows; these include ADPCM encoded samples such as IMA, MS and m-law samples that it can even decode into its native form (vox with 12-bit precision compressed into 4-bits!). Its support extends even to big endian variants of this format; for instance voxs that store this format data compressed to four bits). SoX can read SPHERE (SPeech HEader Resources) files when they have the proper header information; these compressed versions of speech audio employing shorten compression algorithm. SoX also reads m-law and PCM files that meet NIST requirements; it even supports reading/writing these padded with extra zeroes as long as this padding remains consistent with their header information. Finally, SoX also reads/writes WAVPack lossless compressed audio files.

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