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    Continuous Variable Slope Delta Modulation (CVSD) is a digital voice codec designed to minimize bandwidth requirements for audio data transmission. CVSD leverages strong correlation between adjacent samples in order to encode amplitude differences with far fewer quantization levels than other techniques, thus requiring less computational complexity and memory when encoding one sample of audio data than other techniques. CVSD (Compressed Voice-Stream Coding) is used to encode audio signals transmitted over radio, telephone and other voice communication methods. A CVSD file typically consists of PCM audio that has been compressed using this type of compression without negatively affecting its quality. The ntCVSD audio IP core can be configured as either an encoder or decoder functional block. When used as an encoder, it can accept input sampled at up to 16 KHz before digitizing it when a data strobe signal asserts high; then upsampled for improved speech/audio quality or fed directly into an encoder without prior processing. The encoder works by comparing an input sample against an internal reference value and outputting a serial string of "1" or "0" bits based on this comparison, each representing an incremental increase or decrease in sample amplitude. Grouping output bits together into blocks of 8 allows an 8-to-1 compression ratio; sample values are represented as 2-byte short signed integers which are converted directly to output bytes.

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