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Comma Separated Values(CSV), which are extensions of plain text files, store data in entries separated by commas. A CSV file contains a new record for each line in the file's set of records. Files of this type are created when you intend to move data from one storage space to another. Because comma-separated entries are recognized by all applications, importing these data files into databases is a breeze. CSV files may be imported easily into most spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc. It is possible to use a spreadsheet to display information from these files. The apps that can access CVS files can be used to convert these files to a variety of other formats. The CSV data can be imported into Microsoft Excel and exported to a variety of other file formats including the aforementioned HTML, TXT, PDF, XLSX, and XLS files. CSV files can also be exported to RTF, ODS, and HTML via other desktop and web applications.