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AMR stands for Adaptive Multi-rate Compressed Audio Format and is commonly used by 3G cell phones to store voice recordings, as well as MMS messages. These audio files are compressed using Ericsson's ACELP algorithm which has since been adopted by the 3GPP for use within mobile networks. AMR files can be opened on various platforms, with QuickTime Player for Apple Mac OS, RealPlayer for Microsoft Windows or VLC Media Player (an open-source, cross-platform player being the easiest methods.) To edit an AMR file's audio data Audacity is another excellent free and open-source solution. If you're having difficulty opening an AMR file, it could be due to either not having the software required installed on your computer or outdated drivers for your hardware; or perhaps the file itself has become infected with malware. Renaming AMR file extensions should be avoided as this will not alter their type and may lead to errors when trying to open them. Furthermore, changing them into another type such as MP3 will not work either; only special conversion software can convert from one format into another. Rev offers an easy and fast solution for converting AMR files to text. Use their online transcription service tool to quickly transform audio recordings into text documents which can be read by any program.


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