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    What is AMB? AMB is a modular audio processing application, specifically tailored for post production workflows involving upmixing and loudness control tasks. With its powerful threaded algorithm processing capability and multiple processing threads addressable for parallel file and queue handling, AMB offers unparalleled power and control to speed post production workflows up. Importing AMB files and processing them using Ambisonic sound processing is also possible, though this requires installing an Ambisonic toolkit plug-in. AMB audio files store spherical surround sound information in WAVE format, instead of only stereo or mono sound sources. They feature a B-format representation of the sound field and an accompanying set of transmission channels containing speaker signals - unlike many other multichannel surround formats; instead they encode spatial information for each source into the sound field using either Furse-Malham (FuMa) or SN3D/ACN encoding schemes. NUGEN Audio AMB supports both FuMa and SN3D/ACN encoding schemes within its AMB file format, as well as writing to it with either an integer or 32 bit floating point sample type - using different GUIDs for each. This approach aligns with Microsoft's practice for multi-format WAVE files and should not hinder compatibility with other WAVE-based apps.

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