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They were created as a direct replacement for the MP3. At the same bit rate, the lossy compression gives greater audio quality. The ISO/IEC classifies AAC files as belonging to the MPEG-2 and 4 families, although they're originally part of the MPEG-2 Part 7 family. In comparison to MP3 files, AAC files offer greater sample frequencies, up to 48 channels, higher coding and filter bank efficiency, and improved transient signal coding accuracy. Similar to MP3 files, AAC files eliminate audio at frequencies the human ear cannot process to reduce file size and make them easier to handle and distribute. AAC- Main & LC, as well as the Scalable Sampling Rate profile, are the three MPEG-2 part 7 profiles. A  temporal noise shaping along with a quantizer that's non-uniform are all possible with AAC files, as is bitstream format rewriting (for 16 commentary, low-frequency, mono, and stereo channels, in one bitstream). You use masking in lossy compression to remove unnecessary data while preserving the audio's integrity. Below is a short list of software that can decode AAC files: VideoLAN VLC Media Player, RealPlayer, KMPlayer, iTunes and Windows Media Player.