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The 8SVX is an audio file format developed by Steven Hayes and Jerry Morrison in 1985. This format stores data in chunks. It is most commonly used to store and preserve old music. The Amiga computer systems use the 8SVX. The Amiga is a family of personal computer systems by Commodore. This file format is considered a data subtype of the IFF file format due to its capability of recording audio at 8-bit quality. The 8SVX included IFF’s container format. Through that, it embeds multiple formats in a single file which could be used for further detailing of the included streams. The 8SVX data formats would be used in the audio-only file containers of IFF alone. Multiplexing the 8SVX with other subtypes of IFF may result in animated video streaming. The audio software made for the Amiga computer systems supported the 8SVX file format, which is why the 8SVX/IFF container format strongly influenced the development of formats like RIFF or WAVE’s by IBM and Microsoft.