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    8SVX files, created by Amiga developers and used for music related information on Amiga computers, follow an IFF file format; however, many people are unfamiliar with them and therefore unable to open them due to not having installed an appropriate version of Amiga 8-Bit Sound on their computers. The FORM 8SVX file structure is tailored for relatively straightforward musical voices. A voice may be stored as one or more BODY chunks with optional property chunks (NAME, copyright and authorship) and optional data chunks containing waveforms and envelopes. DATA chunks contain properties that describe waveforms such as oneShotHiSamples and repeatHiSamples that indicate how many samples each waveform requires for playback, samplesPerHiCycle which specifies sound sampling rate, with programs playing voices using this to achieve pitch shifts or variation in frequency such as vibrato; additionally there is also volume which provides overall volume control of playback of all waveforms in a data chunk.

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