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    TBZ2 is an archive format that uses BZIP2 compression technology, similar to TAR, but only allows for single files within an archive. TBZ2 archives are often used when distributing Linux programs and software installers as they contain everything necessary for installation in one compressed archive file. You can open them using either an uncompressing utility for BZIP2, or expanding utility for TAR expansion. Contrary to other compression formats that compress data in blocks, bzip2 compresses each item individually for faster operations and improved performance on multi-core computers. It uses multiple layers of compression including run length encoding, move to front transformation and Huffman coding for optimal results. WinZip may be the go-to application for opening TBZ2 files, but users should also keep in mind there are other software solutions available such as ALZip, PeaZip and WinRAR that can open these archives as well. Failure to access TBZ2 files often occurs because the proper software program hasn't been installed on a user's system. A quick online search should reveal several free and paid programs capable of handling these files; once downloaded onto PCs a dialog box should open asking them which app they would like set as default for all future TBZ2 files, followed by an alert that confirms this choice will now open them all up automatically.


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