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Using the .lzo extension, you can create a compressed archive that is less than a single uncompressed file. In some cases, binders may contain many compressed files of various types and sizes. The combined dimensions of every file and folder saved in an LZO zip format are less than the compressed file's dimension. The LZOP document compression, as well as a decompression program, is used to compact and extract all of the LZO zip files before being saved in the LZO form. That file compression, as well as the decompression application, are derived from the file compression archive of Lempel-Ziv-Oberhume integrates all of the compression parameters. The library allows fast decompression, the need for extra buffers throughout compression, compression speed and ratio control, an algorithm for block compression, and more. The block size of compression and decompression must be the same to achieve overlapping compression.