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    TAR LZO is a computer software utility for collecting multiple files into one archive file - commonly referred to as a tarball) for distribution or backup purposes. Initially developed as a means to write data to sequential tape backup devices, its format does not feature an index or table of content so each individual file must be read sequentially in order to list or extract them. Tar.LZO provides more than the basic archiving functionality, however. Through compression it can significantly reduce the size of a tarball for easier handling. Most modern implementations support various compression formats like GZIP(r) (gzip), BZIP2(r) and xz (bzip2); other types exist too and these tools may be selected using either the -a or --auto-compress command line option respectively. Working within a tar archive, all paths are relative to the current directory; when listing or extracting from an archive, no files outside are affected if listing or extracting is performed. This makes tar archives an excellent backup solution because no need is required to move or rename files which might cause unexpected behavior changes should they be moved outside their currently chosen archive. Extract is one of the most frequently performed operations on a tar file, similar to list but allows the user to target specific MEMBERS or wildcards using question mark (?), asterisk (*) and comma (,). This eliminates manual file renaming while taking advantage of your operating system's shell built-in file globbing functionality.


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