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    LHA was an early 1990s file format popular on Amiga computers. Many software packages, including Fred Fish disks, were distributed in this format and most modern PC file decompressors can still handle it today. Over time however, newer compression technologies - most notably LZH - became more prevalent; LZH even became its own file extension on PCs before eventually giving way to Zip for even greater compression efficiency. When archived or extracted, using the -t encoding=utf-8 option removes CR codes at the end of each line to convert DOS format text to UNIX format text - an especially helpful option if your computer does not support UTF-8 properly or you are transitioning between formats. Skip events in the Les Houches generation sequence without acting upon them further, to facilitate debugging purposes. This feature should only be used sparingly. This method implements the runtime Fortran interface. It should be used in a derived class that calls out to Fortran programs to complete its task.


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