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1. Click "Choose Files" button and select your files you would like converted.

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If you are having difficulty opening an ARC file, there could be various causes. One might be the lack of software designed to open them on your PC; another could be corrupted data in the file - possibly caused by interrupted download or malfunctioning hardware. System Enhancement Associates' (SEA) ARC format quickly gained popularity on dial-up bulletin board systems in its early days of dial-up BBSes as a file archiver that offered file compression while maintaining directory structures during compression/archive process. It served as a precursor of ZIP file format. ARC files are not designed to be read directly; rather they should only be utilized by the application that created them. If you wish to use one in another computer program (for instance an emulator), however, conversion may be required - for instance an Amstrad Xexor disk utility file typically just contains data without any specific type attached to its extension.


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