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7Z files are saved using the 7-Zip program. These files are able to support multiple types of encryption, data compression, and other complicated algorithms. 7Z files continue to rise in popularity because they are compatible with the latest archiving programs. 7Z files can be stored on 7Zip, WinRAR, WinZip. The files are available through an open source extension. Users may compress the files using PPMD, BCJ, and LZMA. 7Z files are appealing because users can stack them through compression and encryption methods. Users are able to send and receive large groups of files. The 7-Zip system also stands out for its high compression and encryption levels. Dictionary sized files are compressed nicely. 7Z files are versatile enough to support multiple levels of archives into one compressed part. One of the drawbacks of 7Z files according to users is the lack of storage for filesystems like UNIX. Using 7Z files to back up data on these filesystems can become complicated.