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    7z is one of the latest file compression/archive formats, similar to ZIP, RAR and tar files in that it aggregates multiple files/folders into one interoperable container. However, unlike those formats it offers additional features like compression, encryption and error detection. 7z files differ from other compressed/archive formats in that they can be broken up into several parts, enabling users to download files in smaller chunks, which greatly decreases download time. Furthermore, their archiving process makes large folders and files much simpler to email or transfer via the Web. Windows does not natively support opening 7z files, but there are third-party utilities that can do just that. One such open source utility is WINZIP for Windows operating systems; Apple's Archive Utility comes bundled with Macs; Corel WinZip for Windows is another popular solution as is PeaZip software which runs cross-platform. These third-party utilities enable you to view, decompress and extract files and folders contained within a 7z archive while offering features such as LZMA compression techniques as well as advanced features like LZMA PPMD BCJ BCJ2, Deflate etc depending on which tool is being used; archives can even be password protected depending on which tool used.


    Converting to 7Z

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