How to Convert a WAV to MP3

6 months ago
How to Convert a WAV to MP3

What is a WAV File?

A WAV file is a digital audio format that can store sampled sound.

Digital audio files are a series of numbers that represent sound waves.

How to create a WAV file

1. Open your music software and create a new track.

2. Press the WAV button and select "Create WAV from the Audio File."

3. Enter the filename of your audio in the dialog box that appears, and click OK.

Benefits of Using WAV files

There are several benefits to using WAV files, including the following.

WAV files are versatile. We use them for music playback, video encoding, and audio recording.

WAV files have high-quality sound that delivers powerful messages. 

We can easily convert them into other formats if necessary.

How to Share a WAV file

There is no easy way to share WAV files. 

The best option would be to send them an email or message on social media and include the WAV file as an attachment.

An easy alternative to sharing this complex audio file via email or social media is to convert the WAV file to mp3 format

Read on to learn about WAV files, mp3 files, and how to convert these popular audio files into a shareable format.

What is an mp3 File?

An mp3 file is a digital audio file that plays back on a computer, iPod Touch, iPhone or another portable music player. 

MP3 files are typically less than 1GB in size and are playable on devices with either Windows Media Player 11 or later or iTunes 12.7 or later installed.

How to Create an mp3 File

  1. Open the audio editing program of your choice such as Adobe Audition or Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder.
  2. Click File. Then select, "New Audio Recording"
  3. Enter a file name for your new mp3. For example: "test-01.mp3."
  4. Click the record button to record your audio. 
  5. You can microphone input directly into the software or use an external USB microphone if you have one available (see below).
  6. To stop recording, click the Stop button. 

The new mp3 file saves in the same location as your original audio.

Benefits of Using mp3 Files

There are many benefits to using mp3 files for playback. First, they are smaller than other audio formats. Second, they transfer more quickly and easily across a network or from one computer to another.

This transferability makes them an ideal format for portable devices, such as MP3 players and digital audio players. We can play mp3 files on several devices, including computer speakers, car stereos, portable media players, and even some home stereo systems. 

There is little need to worry about compatibility issues when using MP3s. 

How to Share an mp3 File

Use online services - Dropbox or iCloud  - Allowa you to easily share files easily with other people.

Upload mp3 files - Allow others access to the file without downloading it.

How to convert a WAV to Mp3

There are a few different ways to convert WAV files to MP3, but they all involve using an audio converter. 

Popular converters include Microsoft Windows Audio Converter and Apple iTunes Music Converter.

Below are instructions for converting a WAV file to MP3 using music converter software. 

How to convert a WAV file to mp3 - Microsoft Windows Audio Converter

  • Launch Microsoft Windows Audio Converter, 
  • Select the WAV file you want to convert.
  • On the File menu, click Open.
  • In the Open dialog box, browse to and select a location where you want to save the converted mp3 files. 
  • Click OK to convert your WAV file into an MP3 format. 

How to Convert a WAV to mp3 iTunes Music Converter

  1. Launch the iTunes music converter and connect your device to the computer. 
  2. Select the WAV files you want to convert and click the "Convert" button. 
  3. After conversion, it will create MP3 files on the desktop with the corresponding file name.

Use free online tools or audio converters to convert MP3 to WAV files.